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Ford wanted to showcase their new F-150. They wanted to stand out and have a voice in the market. But they wanted something different, something that every Latino could relate to. 

So we thought if Ford was to have a voice, then let's give it an identity. Let's let the car talk.
And this is what we came up with. 


We Latinos love our cars. We infuse them with personality and take pride when we talk about them. But have we ever thought about how the car feels about us? 



What if the car could talk about you? Mi Héroe is a series of stories in first-person narration in which the Ford vehicle talks about its owner and why it admires them. 


Each automobile has a different voice and attitude. The owner has values we all admire, which inspire admiration from the vehicle. 


The owner is a reflection of the car. So really, these great values are everything we want in a Ford. Mi Héroe is an homage of recognition from a Ford car to a Ford driver. 

Mi Héroe

:30 TV

:15 Social & Digital 


Yup. Ford liked it. And they wanted us to give another vehicle a voice. This time, we brought the Ford Bronco Sport to life. 


:30 TV

:15 Social & Digital 

Client - Ford
Agency - Univision LA
Concept - Salvador Garcia/Esther Mendoza-Brown/Frank Zapata
Producer/Director - Karen Gonzalez
Creative Director - Esther Mendoza-Brown
Copy - Frank Zapata

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Soccer Tie-In

Performance Ford wanted to drive traffic to its dealership by incentivizing listeners to win a free Mexican National Team jersey. 

00:00 / 00:30

Creative Director - Esther Mendoza-Brown
Copy - Frank Zapata

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